Unneeded equipment and inventory taking up costly warehouse or storage space can make you feel as though you are chained to the ground, watching the world move around you.  You can see where you want to go but cannot get there unless you can break that chain.  Whether you are a thriving business with aging inventory or old equipment, or a recently closed business wondering what to do next, RL Liquidators has the tools and experience to set you free.
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Full Service Liquidation

Over the last ten years, we have learned that the only need our customers share is the need to liquidate some, or all, of their assets.  Aside from that one need, there is little else they have in common.  Everyone’s circumstances and needs are different, and there is no one liquidation solution that can meet them all.  Understanding that, we have developed the ability to create custom liquidation solutions that match the specific needs of your unique situation.  Some of the liquidation strategies that we can employ are:

01 Buyout

We make an offer to purchase all your assets at a one price takes all offer. If accepted, we remove the assets.  This is a great solution for those needing quick action and a fast recovery.

02 Consignment in Place

 We sell your assets individually, or in small groups, on your behalf from the location in which they currently reside.

03 Removal & Consignment

With hundreds of thousands of feet of warehouse capacity, teams of people and our own trucking company, we can remove your assets quickly and then sell them from our location on your behalf.

04 Bulk Sale

We sell your assets on your behalf all in one sale to one buyer.

05 Customized Solutions

We will create a customized liquidation solution specific to you current circumstances.

With these, and other, tools in our toolkit, we can create a liquidation solution that meets the needs of your specific circumstances.
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